The Jess Harben PTA engages in fundraising activities to support our school. In the past, the funds raised by PTA have been used to pay for school-wide educational assemblies, musical instruments, speakers and other stage equipment, books, and supplies. We are committed to using PTA funds for the benefit of all Jess Harben students.

Teachers - please contact Ms. Westbrook (4th grade), PTA Teacher Representative, or any member of the PTA Board to add items to the Wish List. Parents, contact a member of the PTA Board if you have ideas!

Parents - if you are interested in buying a gift for your child's classroom teacher or other staff, please check the list below and see the page called "Teacher and Staff Favorites" for ideas.

Thanks to the Monro family for donating a refrigerator for the Teacher's Lounge!

Wish List Items:

  • first aid kits for classrooms a
  • heavy duty paper shredder for office a
  • Electric stapler (2), electric hole puncher (2), and electric pencil sharpener for the Material Center
  • new Math and Reading books for 5th grade - $400 allocated by PTA a
  • chess sets for the Chess Club a
  • TAKS workbooks
  • Dick & Jane paperback readers
  • Butcher roller
  • fax line for nurse's office
  • good pens for counselor's offices
  • 3x3 post-it notes

Classroom Wish Lists:
  • Scented stickers - Ms. Giese (K)
  • Dry erase markers, Velcro, Tape, a staple gun, wipes, and sharpened pencils - Ms. Kmiec (1)
  • clip magnets, color sharpies, dry erase pens - Ms. Braggs (1)
  • ziploc baggies, tissues, manilla paper - Ms. Brock (K)
  • lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, expo markers - Ms. Westbrook (4) and Ms. Marshall (2)
  • 25 black expo markers, 10 sparkly 2nd grader pencils, post-it notes (3x3 and 3x5), and games like Apples to Apples Jr. and Blokus for indoor recess - Ms. De La Torre (2)
  • dry erase markers - Ms. Echols (3), Ms. McClure (5), Ms. McCrae (K)
  • novels (Sign of the Beaver, Caddie Woodlawn, Number the Stars) - Ms. Lewis (5)
  • bean bag chair for reading corner - Ms. Martin (4)
  • basketballs - Coach Rushing
  • 15 Remo band drums - Ms. Wilson (music)
  • sharpies, markers, how-to-draw books - Ms. Bell (art)
  • colored card stock - Ms. Smith (Special Ed)
  • post-it notes, paper towels/napkins, paper plates and cups - Ms. Neal (PPCD)
  • scotch tape holder - Ms. Hattaway (PPCD Aide)
  • stickers, games, cute accessories - Ms. Nathan and Ms. Lebsack (Speech)
  • fun markers and new pencils with fresh erasers - Ms. Gros and Ms. Houston (ESOL)