Colleen Santoni is our Ways and Means Chairperson.

'Ways and Means' refers to all the programs that help JHE raise funds through non-selling means

Box Tops for Education - clip and save BoxTops on many of your every day grocery items
Please make sure you register at to support Jess Harben Elementary in the drop down box!
If you are an on-line shopper, please register to support JHE on the Boxtops For Education website then go to the MarketPlace on their site to access your favorite stores who will donate 3 - 8 % of your purchase back to Jess Harben Elementary. What a great and EASY way to make donations to support your child's school. Please tell your family, friends and neighbors how easy it is!

We will also earn bonus boxtops for anyone new that registers on the Box Tops website in August. Thank you for supporting your JHE PTA!

Find information here about all the ways you can support JHE through local orgnaizations and sponsored programs:

Box Tops for Education - register and click on Jess Harben PTA in the drop down box, clip and save all year long.

Campbell's Labels for Education -, save the UPC codes all year long

Bring your used ink cartridges to the collection box outside the office - we turn them in for cash.

Don't forget to use your Albertson's Community Partner Key Tag every time you shop Albertson's - they will donate a percentage of your shopping purchase back to Jess Harben!

Register your Kroger Card to support Campbell's Labels for education every time you swipe your card and purchase any Campbell's Labels for Education products. Go to for more information

Register your Tom Thumb Card between now and October they are donating a % of your purchase to BoxTops for Education, go to for more information (check the community section)

Sign up for this program if you shop at Kroger! it will automatically put Campbell's labels points into Jess Harbens LFE (labels for education) Account.

Also do you shop at Sam's Club? There are specially marked packages with five (5) Bonus Box Tops on them so watch for them on items you purchase!

Nestlé® Juicy Juice®—the ONLY juice supporting Box Tops for Education!

Do you shop on-line to get ready for school? Please go to and register to support Jess Harben Elementary PTA from the drop down box. Click on Marketplace to see if your favorite store is listed. Click on your store and it takes you to the same home page you normally access, however by going through the Box Tops Marketplace 1 - 8% of your purchase will be donated back to JHE.

It's that easy! Stores like Oriental Trading, Office Depot, Staples, Office Max, JCPenney, Sears, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, 1800Flowers, Leap Frog, Leaps and Bounds, Avon, Highlights, Circuit City, Walmart, Discovery, Gap, and many many more....Please look here before purchasing online! Thanks for your support.